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In the second installment of ‘Ask the Expert’ NAPB presents Dax Rakusen-Guy of Home House Buyers answering questions on buying properties with a short lease.


What types of short-lease properties do you purchase?Dax portrait

Home House Buyers typically purchase a wide range of short-lease properties, including flats, and houses, regardless of the remaining lease term.

How does the short lease length affect the cash offer?

The length of the remaining lease significantly impacts the property’s market value, and consequently, the cash offer. However, we aim to provide fair and competitive offers, considering factors like property condition, location, and market demand, alongside the lease length.

What is the process for selling a short-lease property?

The process typically starts with the seller contacting us and providing details about the property. We then assess the property and, if interested, present a no-obligation offer. If the seller accepts, we proceed with a more detailed evaluation, and legal checks, and finalise the purchase.

How quickly can Home House Buyers complete the purchase of a short-lease property?

Home House Buyers is known for its quick completion times, often being able to purchase properties within a few weeks.

Are there any fees or charges for selling a short-lease property?

One of the advantages of selling to a professional property buyer is that they cover all legal fees associated with the sale and don’t charge additional fees for their service.

How does Home House Buyers determine the value of a short lease property?

The valuation process takes into account various factors, including the property’s location, condition, current market conditions, and importantly, the impact of the lease length on the property’s value.

What makes cash buyers a suitable option for selling short-lease properties?

Sellers with short-lease properties often face challenges in the open market, including lower buyer interest and difficulties in securing financing. Home House Buyers offers a straightforward, quick sale process and provides a viable alternative for sellers looking to sell their property promptly without the hassle of going through the traditional market.

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