Happy Holidays

2021 is, unfortunately, drawing to an uncertain end. During this year we were able, at times to forget the blight of the Covid pandemic and life seemed to be returning to normal. In November the new variant hit and now, as I write this shops, bars and restaurants are seeing trade trickle away, holidays are being cancelled and people are wondering if they will be able to see loved ones at Christmas.


And yet in so many ways, this has been a good year. The property market defied expectation and rallied, interest rates remained low, forecasted repossessions didn’t happen and mass unemployment was averted. It has been a tough year for sure, but it could have been so much worse for so many.


So as we look forward to 2022 (although ‘looking forward’ might not be the best choice of words!), we would like to wish everybody a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Jonathan Rolande

Jonathan Rolande (MNAEA MICBA MARLA) began in the property business in the late 1980’s and is a Director of House Buy Fast and helped to found The National Association of Property Buyers in 2013. He has worked closely with The Property Ombudsman to develop a Code of Practice for Residential Property Buying Companies.