Having To Sell Your Home Quickly Doesn’t Mean You Have To Feel Vulnerable

Selling a house is one of the most stressful times of your life and if you have to do it in a hurry it can often heighten the stress levels, sending blood pressure through the roof and causing endless sleepless nights… but the good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. As a.. read more →

How Has The Election Impacted House Sales?

This month we are delighted to feature an article courtesy of Jonathan Rolande of House Buy Fast. There’s no doubt that the Election on the 7th May is going to be one of the most unpredictable in living memory. Gone (for now at least) is the old 2 to 3 Party politics and on May.. read more →

Property Buying – How Quick House Buyers Rewrote The Book

Ask almost anybody about the process to buy or sell a property and you’re sure to hear the words slow, nightmare, painful and stressful. These words are from successful transactions! Adjectives from those that don’t go through can’t be published here. And that’s the way it’s always been. Various attempts have been made to speed.. read more →

How You Can Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Property Fraud

Over the past few months The Land Registry have been testing and refining a new Property Alert service which will help people discover any unexpected legal activity on their property which could be fraudulent. While the likelihood of being a victim of property fraud is fairly low (at the moment at least), the possible consequences.. read more →

‘Tis The Season To Be Wary

With Christmas well and truly underway (well at least that’s what the retailers want us to think!), it’s almost time for the property market to take its seasonal break too. The number of new seller and buyer enquiries drops drastically in the weeks leading up to the 25th December which is why it’s the perfect.. read more →

Selling To A Cash Buyer, So Why Worry?

All Cash Buyers Are The Same Aren’t They? According to most people, finding a CASH buyer is about as good as it gets – they have no mortgages to arrange and no necessity to have a survey. Very often they have accumulated the required cash by being savvy investors willing to take a view on.. read more →

The Rise and Rise of Property Prices Continues – For Now

The latest Land Registry figures confirm something we all already know – house prices have continued to soar in August, at least in some areas. The average 8.4% increase across England and Wales has been bolstered by a massive 21.6% annual increase in London. That’s compared to just 3% in the North East of England… read more →

Ombudsman Services Report 40% Increase in Complaints

Ombudsman Services, one of the three property industry redress schemes, has reported a 40% increase in complaints since the same period last year. The scheme includes surveyors, letting agents and estate agents. Surveys and Valuations accounted for 42% of complaints with many also being in respect of letting agents, particular in the area of poor.. read more →

The Rental Sector Falls Under The Spotlight

With the sustained upward pressure on property prices even the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme isn’t enough to get everybody on the housing ladder. For millions of people there is no hope of ever achieving the Thatcherite Utopia of a home owning society. For many the wage/purchase price gap is simply too high. For others.. read more →

How Is The Property Market Impacting On The Quick Sale Sector?

Much has been said recently about the so called Property Boom, or Bubble depending on your viewpoint, with the London market being especially busy. So has the buoyant market meant a slowdown for companies in the Quick Sale Sector? Surely it has if people are able to sell so easily using more traditional methods such.. read more →