Guest post: Enter the Professional Buyer for Certainty and Peace of Mind

A guest post for the NAPB by ‘the BBC’s favourite property expert’ Henry Pryor. “Just under half of all properties listed never sell. Most people don’t hear this statistic and are amazed by it when they do. The reason is simple – everyone connected with the selling process is an optimist. Would you instruct a.. read more →

Report: The State of the Property Buying Market 2017

A house sale which took place in just four hours and a growing number of people selling their homes to property buying companies are just two of the findings revealed in our State of the Property Buying Market 2017 report today. The report is compiled of survey responses by NAPB members asking them about their.. read more →

Things to Help You Sell Quicker, Even If You Don’t Use a Professional Buyer!

  Buying property really quickly is what we do every day of every week. And when I say quickly, I mean really quickly – the fastest we have managed is just four hours from paperwork received to completion. So we are often asked “how do you do it when a normal sale takes months?”. Well,.. read more →

Is 1 in 4 Households in Britain Renting a Bad Thing?

Around 5m households are in the private rented sector and over the next five years this is set to rise to 5.79m (or 24%) with an additional 4.3m tenants in social housing according to a report by Knight Frank who commissioned a YouGov survey of more than 10,000 tenants and 26 large investors. There is.. read more →

Got a Buyer? 5 Tips to Get Exchanged Faster

So you have a buyer. Now the fun begins. With up to 30% of sales falling through before exchange you need to move fast! Here are some tips to get exchanged before anyone changes their mind. 1. Solicit great advice. Getting a good solicitor is number 1 priority. You need someone who’ll pick the phone.. read more →

Selling Faster and for More Money

The best time to sell a property is within the first 2 weeks of marketing. It has been proved that the faster you sell, the more likely you’ll be to get a better price too. There are a number of low cost things you can do to give your property the edge over others on.. read more →

Is Spring the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

As a property buyers’ organisation we get the inside view on what our members are thinking when it comes to buying as well as an indication of market conditions. In times when the selling market is traditionally quieter enquiries to our members should rise as people struggle to sell using traditional methods such as estate.. read more →

Quick Sale Companies and the Media

There have been a number of articles in the national press about the ‘Quick Buy’ or ‘Professional Property Buyer’ sector including this in The Guardian on 2nd March, 2017 A reader had written in asking if such firms can help with a move at short notice, brought about by a need to relocate. The reader.. read more →

Government Housing White Paper or Whitewash?

The dust is now settling after the Government’s long awaited Housing White Paper, released on 7th February. It seems to have been met with a collective groan by many politicians and housing experts who feel that the proposals do not go far enough to address the housing crisis which David Cameron announced he would solve.. read more →

Could London Be the New Quick House Sale Capital?

The Evening Standard have reported that the average asking price of a home in London has dropped by 0.4%, although the average asking price is still a hefty £624,953. Inner London boroughs have dropped by 2.1% while the outer boroughs have increased by 1.4% showing the market for more affordable homes is still going strong… read more →