Meet the Buyer: Abrar Shah of Housebuyers4u

The National Association of Property Buyers (NABP) was established in 2013 to promote businesses providing outstanding service in the quick-sale property industry. NABP now represents nearly 50 of the most trusted cash buyers in the UK, and its membership continues to grow. The organization helps property sellers determine whether selling to a professional cash buyer is right for them and provides guidance on possible benefits as well as potential disadvantages. Today we meet Abrar Shah of Housebuyers4u.


Who are you, and what’s your background?
Housebuyers4u have been buying property for 20+  years and are direct cash buyers without the need for any finance from third parties or middlemen.

Where is your company based?
Leeds and London

Where do you purchase property?
All over the UK

What are your company’s core values?
Honesty, Genuine, Reliability, Ethical customer focus

Do you have customer reviews online?

What are the company’s biggest challenges?
Building good relationships with clients, as the industry has somewhat of a negative image due to rogue traders who unfortunately present themselves as cash buyers providing high offers when in fact they are brokers and companies offering high to start with and then chipping last minute.

What’s the most unusual property you have bought?
We’ve pretty much bought the standard residential property with nothing too unusual!

What’s the key to running a successful property business?
In these times especially, being slick, lean and efficient is a huge advantage as flexibility is required. Also a passion to be a customer centric working with integrity at all times.

Where do you see the Professional Property Buyer industry going?
Competition seems to be increasing with the advent of online agents and more people turning to property given it is bread and butter and not as daunting as some other investment classes like stocks, shares,
commodities etc. This will drive prices up and a really good deal will be far and few between.

Thank you for the interview!

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Klara PainterAugust 27, 2021

Klara Painter

Klara Painter works within the NAPB ensuring the smooth running of the association. She's an expert digital PR specialist who works with members of the NAPB .